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A coke ad from the 1958 yearbook at my college. So punny <3



“pussy” is the dumbest insult ever youre literally calling someone a vagina. and if youre not calling someone a vagina, youre calling them a cat. both are fucking awesome and youre lame as hell

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beachy AΣA ☺


The view.


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Throw “slut” out of your vocabulary. 
Sleep with them because it feels right to you.
Do not think about whether they will call you back.
Focus on appreciating the moment with yourself,
not romanticizing the short time you spent together.
Shrug when you are told no one likes a girl who’s been kissed.
Vow to be more than a girl who has been kissed-
be a person who has fought, danced, loved,
and will continue to give.
Collect experiences like your father collects coins.
Lose your breath in the passenger seat
as your friend plays jungle sounds.
Feel the electricity each time his hands
reach over you to turn up the volume.
Jump into a dark lake because you want to feel the 
world swallow you whole for a few minutes.
Light a candle and listen to a record
your mom kissed to twenty years ago.
Fall asleep with the ocean pouring out of your mouth
and dream about spilling your insides to someone who
does not know your last name.
Give up on “aging gracefully.”
Call each laugh line another reminder 
of them saying they thought you ”weren’t like that.”
Smile when they judge you
because of your friends, family,
or the clothes you picked out today.
Vow to be a person who has so many
worlds inside of them that just one look 
will not even give them a glimpse of 
a third of them. 

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Here’s another colorful world map by ‘evilpainter' on Deviantart.

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"I think there’s a lot to be said for the JudeoChristian idea of absolute good and evil. But sometimes it’s just easier to believe, as the ancient Greeks did, that this universe is being run by drunken, skirt-chasing, egotistical morons."


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